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Free Responsive HTML/CSS3 CV Template

While cleaning up the folders on my home server I came across my CV and it hadn’t been updated in over two years. So I decided it was time to update it, I opened up word was ready to go when I thought why the hell did I open up word surely I can create a web based CV.

I decided to create a responsive CV which used CSS3 animations. After a few nights after work I had created one, it got some great feedback and I had a few people ask me how I made it and if they could use it. So I thought the best thing to do would be to release it as a freebie.

Download CV Template

This template is by no means perfect and if you do find it useful or have any ideas on how improve it then I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Franco

    Thank you, this will help me a lot in understanding better the responsive side of the web, and to make my own online CV

  2. Hasan Huseyin Çakır

    Thanks for this useful template. I’m gonna use it :)

  3. Roy Klemba

    Nice Work…. Thanks!

  4. Carlo Rizzante

    Good job, simple and nice. I would have written a different markup, nevertheless, definitely useful for practicing on responsive mambo jungo. Thank you, Thomas!

  5. Steve Harwood

    Nice demonstration of responsive technique. Perhaps include some notes or comments – especially in the CSS file.

  6. Darryl Wesson

    Great Work!! This is very helpful!!

  7. David

    In my opinion your portrait should not disappear on smaller resolutions. It’s an important element in a CV.

  8. Rob

    Great idea… Nice one…
    Agreed with another poster – a few comments would be excellent :)

  9. CJ

    I love you.

  10. Talha Okur

    Nice work! thank you

  11. Phil

    @David: Since when has a picture ever been part of a CV (or, more correctly in this case, a résumé)? There’s enough to worry about regarding formatting, content, etc., let alone whether you have the required skill set without inviting rejection because you’re not as hot as the next applicant (not that that would ever be admitted to as a reason).

  12. mads sonne bremholm

    thank you, kudos to you and thanks for sharing!

  13. Admire The Web

    Great work, interesting approach.

  14. Dracheic

    Thanks for the template. I made my own CV to my personal website.

  15. Daan

    Wow! Resume is stunning!! Gonna so use and customize this one! Thank you :)

  16. Prashant

    Thank you! Awesome Creation, love the CSS3 Effects

  17. Dan

    Great work, really like the combination of css3, html5 and responsive design. Will be using this on my personal site, cheers!

  18. Paul Slater

    Nice one Thomas :)

  19. Marcel

    wow, really cool template! just bookmarked … thanks! :)

  20. Hugo Amorim

    Thank you. =)

  21. Chris Philpot

    A very nice template – indeed, your whole website is really pleasant to browse. May I ask if there’s a CMS behind the scenes and, if so, is it off-the-shelf or one you’ve coded yourself? (Your site doesn’t look like yet another WordPress theme! ;-) )

    Via @SmashingMag on Twitter

  22. David


  23. Thomas Hardy

    @Franco, @Hasan, @Roy, @Carlo, @Darryl, @CJ, @Talha, @Daan, @Dan, @Paul, @Marce;, @Marcus, @Hugo and @David thanks a lot for the kind words.

    @Steve & Rob thanks a lot, anything in particular in the CSS you would like me to comment?

    @David I feel that a headshot isn’t actually something that is important on a CV hence why it is removed when it would take up un nessecary space.

    @Dracheic nice to see someone else use it!

    @Chris Philpot the site is built using WordPress with a theme I created myself.

  24. Julio

    Thank you very much for sharing it.
    It’s a very good job.

  25. Mariusz

    Great responsive CV. Thanks!

  26. Aldeol

    Thank you so much. Very good CV..

  27. Amos

    Nice work. Keep it up.

  28. Daren

    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Jon S

    This is a great starting point for a simple cv online. You might consider changing your print font or getting rid of the downloaded google font as it seems to cause issues with Google Chrome when printing. (for me anyway).

  30. Pawel

    Hey, this one is really great. I’m gonna use it for my CV. BIG THANKS!

  31. Sonu

    Awesome template! Thank you Thomas :)

  32. Aep Setiawan

    wow, really cool template!… thanks! Gan :)

  33. Kedar

    Its Awesome .
    Simple but Smart Looking

  34. Eduardo Guerere

    Gracias a por la plantilla esta excelente.

  35. atakan

    hi. Tahnk you very much for this I like it:D

  36. Deepak

    Very helpful.

  37. Deepak

    Very helpful.

  38. Shiju Alex

    Cool work. Very clean & formal.
    Me too think that the picture is not an essential part of a CV, but it will be nice to have one.

    Thanks for sharing

    NB: Your name reminded me of the famous novelist. I like some of his works.

  39. Laurence Caro

    Great work Tom. Really neat template.

    Cheers L

  40. Michael Dorner

    Thanks a lot for sharing! Great work.

  41. Ivan Scoles

    Muy buen template! Very cool work!

    Thanks for sharing!

  42. Muhammad Zahid

    nice work

  43. Ehsan

    Thanks, very simple and nice template.

  44. Hugo

    Très joli, un grand merci ;)

  45. iFansco

    Thanks from China!

  46. Joe

    Thanks for sharing. Looks fantastic.

  47. Laura

    Nice one dude thanks :)

  48. Subash

    Good … thank you for sharing the work

  49. Imran

    Awesome ;)

  50. vineesh

    aewsome man … keep it going

  51. Vince

    Nice work…this will help me understand more the responsive design. Thanks for sharing! :)

  52. Ata Ur Rehman

    Really nice..

  53. Jan Garaj

    Thx. Nice, I derived my own CV site from your template.

  54. Dan Dutton

    Thank you so much for this awesome template – I’ve used it for my own CV if that’s okay? ( Noticed that you still have your Google Analytics code in the HTML – if this wasn’t “by design”, your stats may be being misreported.

    Thanks again,


  55. Deepak Janardhan

    Hi Thomas,

    Totally mesmerized by this website. Elegance in simplicity.
    I want to know how you added the social media icons in the footer. Can you please send me the code? It would be of great help to me.

  56. Ata Ur Rehman

    Its really nice, thanks thomas..

  57. Dude

    Cool stuff!

  58. Roland

    Terrific job!! Thank you for the template :)

  59. Sreenatha Reddy K R

    very cool Stuff. Thank You Very Much.

  60. alex

    Thanks, this is a great starting point, clean and to the point.

  61. Michael M.

    Thank you Thomas! I did use your c.v. template until I have time to do my own properly… nicely-done!

    cheers – Michael

  62. Fish

    nice~very useful

  63. aa

    Great job!


    Thank you very much thomas..!! A really really nice CV template I checked ever.. I will try to use this on my website also.. Thanks again for showing such a beautiful template..

  65. emily

    very very nice

  66. Unaiz

    Great Job..! really inspiring… Thank you very much :-)

  67. john

    Nice job with developing this template I wil.l use this for my website and if it makes it big ill make sure to put your name in the about section. :) :D :) amazing.

  68. MKProgramming

    Cool approach! We’re designing responsive layouts and plugins almost every day and I didn’t even think to design a responsive resume / cv ! Very cool !

  69. arvin mark edejer

    Thanks a lot for this.

  70. Micha

    God bles you bro!

  71. Godfrey

    Thanks a lot buddy! Will see how it works on my translation site.

  72. Rudy

    Thank you very much :)
    Very nice looking CV.

  73. Nicolas Salvador


  74. amos

    nice thanks, any idea why it skips/flashes for a second while it’s loading?

  75. Tamas

    This template is so great I just had to make one small correction: I removed the letters at the top in front of the email, url etc. fields and replaced them with matching glyphicons from the bootstrap framework. Thank you for this great template! :)

  76. Marty Rogers

    Hi Thomas,

    This is brilliant – just wondering, have you done any newer versions of this since this was released which can be downloaded for free? That’d be awesome.

  77. Mick

    Thomas – total respect for a well written clean responsive template.
    I noticed a couple of comments ref keeping/removing profile image – have to say Its my thoughts that if they are likely to decline me because “my face don’t fit the job” then I would rather know when I send the employer my resume – rather than going to all the expense of attending an interview?
    So I modified your template and kept the image (when viewed on smallest device) I also added a back to top css image at the bottom of the page (will help especially for those scrolling with smart phone) – Many thanks once again for a fantastic responsive template ;-)

  78. hitamu

    Thanks a lot. I added some icon to make it sexier

  79. Martin

    great template!. thanks!
    greetings from Argentina.

  80. Intro

    This template is so great I just had to make one small correction: I removed the letters at the top in front of the email, url etc. fields and replaced them with matching glyphicons from the bootstrap framework. Thank you for this great template!

  81. junji


  82. bungdus

    i love this template, creative. thx

  83. Monica

    Thank you for providing the template. Nice work!

  84. IZA

    HI ! thank you for sharing your template.

    In firefox v.38 all the “fade” appear at the same time, why ?

    thank you

  85. GSkillz

    Thanks for creating this and making freely available. Peace & Love

  86. Tristian

    Thanks for that great template and good job besides ;)

  87. daniela

    thanks for doing this and share it, we will use it :)

  88. mayank

    your resume was really good.
    I seriously need your help. The required work is very small for you. can i contact you?

  89. Jeffry Alexander

    Hi Thomas.. Thanks for the template. I’ve downloaded it and only took around 20 minutes to complete mine. Simple and creative. It really deserves a footer credit on my cv page. Cheers from Indonesia.
    Jeffry :)

  90. Jeff

    I have one issue I haven’t been able to figure out yet, and I’d really appreciate some help. When I have the page narrower than about 582, everything looks like I expect. As soon as I size it above that, then the Education section is outside of the white background area (i.e. cv).

    I can’t figure out what it is. Ideas?

  91. Jeff

    Nevermind. I managed to drop a off of a “sectionContent”, and that was causing odd errors. Took me a while to find it though…

  92. Decoart

    Thanks a lot for sharing. Beautiful

  93. Decodart

    Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful template

  94. Ahmed

    I will use it as my website template.

  95. Shuub

    Hey Bro really Good work..template look perfec..

    Im in search for a free source code for the CV templete like facebook bussiness pages..if u have..plz help me too


  96. Maruf Abdullah

    It’s simple but attractive. I am happy to use this template for my Online CV. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  97. shafi

    Thanks for the template Man!!!!

  98. ravindra patle

    Thanks for such a simple and easy cv and also for making it absolutely free.

  99. Stephen

    Your template is fine, love it.

  100. Vladimir

    Nice job Thomas! I just would like to thank you for the job you’ve done. Going to use that template on my own. Why don’t you github it? I’m sure you’d get hundreds of stars.

    I’m going to create a simple CV builder online. It’ll look like you’re choosing one of the templates by thumbnail, then make all fields editable & add ‘save draft’ and print functionality. I would love to use your template there as well, of course, mentioned the author (you). Project will be opensourced. Do you mind me using your template there?

  101. Kiprop Kipkemoi


  102. Clorr

    Nice template ! You may consider putting it on github to keep the sources

  103. Ivan

    Thank you

  104. Sam

    This template is so great I just had to make one small correction: I removed the letters at the top in front of the email, url etc. fields and replaced them with matching glyphicons from the bootstrap framework. Thank you for this great template!

  105. Maciej

    Very good CV! Thanks!

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